Out of the Park Baseball


I had the privilege to work with Out of the Park Baseball on a unique assignment. The project called for 800 logos, the largest I have ever taken on, or heard of! This one was special.

The project called for logos that are supposed to represent minor-league-like baseball teams. Baseball has a heavy red/blue color palette, and I tried to stay true to that theme.

As with any of my projects, I started in my Field Notes sketchbooks (multiple, actually), and attacked this project 10 words at a time. This put the project in bite-sized pieces, and made it more manageable. I took those sketches/ideas and started cranking out letter-by-letter groups, A-Z. What was great about this project was that some ideas came early and it was enough to move on, while others were influenced by my font library. With the timeline, I had to be quick and nimble with style, color, and execution.

The logos chosen are some of my favorites, enjoy!