Hey! We are Courtney and Jordan from Grimes Occasion Design. Here is a little about us and our process:

Courtney and I had a blast creating our own stationery, so why not do it for other couples that want the same for their big day or occasion? Thus was born Grimes Occasion Design:
A design service for those big occasions in your life: wedding, birthday, baptism, anniversary, etc. Courtney brings organization, and I bring the creative.

One of the most fun projects was creating the envelopes that the save the date and invitation would be sent in. I say create because it was a mix of media’s. One of my passions in life are fonts and so I went on created a custom font to be used for just this. It is a custom, yet classic design featuring a “double stroke” capital alternate and traditional lowercase characters. It is familiar, but with hints flair.


Now here comes the differentiator. I could have just printed the envelopes or hand wrote them, but no. This was my opportunity to take our stationery and experience to the next level! I say experience, because with the way these are produced. They look hand written to perfection, but is it? Or were they printed? Well technically a little bit of everything. I take my custom design and coordinate with my Cricut machine to execute with my tool of choice. This allows for consistent execution, but it is executed with a pen so there are “natural” pen strokes from letter to letter, word to word, and line to line! A real treat.


There were numerous people who commented on the envelopes themselves, and there is nothing better than delighting our families and friends from the start about our big day. You have to see it for yourself, just request a sample!

Envelopes are just the start. Other services include Monograms, Save the Date, Invitations, Thank You cards. If you have a custom design request, just ask!


Does any of this sound like something you would be interested in? Great! That’s the reason we started Grimes Occasion Design, to give couples out there an experience they didn’t know was possible. We can be reached via email: grimesoccasiondesign@gmail.com